Mike McSorley
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As a student, I enjoyed going outside and painting from nature.  I realized then that working outdoors is a great gift.  I was painting plein air without a second thought.  My interest at that time was the Ashcan School.  Painting the gritty side of life, power plants, railroad cars and old machinery were my staples.  The tools I used in my many construction jobs became some of my subjects.  The effect of light on a scene and the mood created by the placement and colors of the objects became my primary focus. There is something about the form, color and atmosphere that cannot be seen, except from actual observation.

My works reflect my interest in form.  The original techniques of shading and extruding have been augmented with color theory, atmosphere, edge quality and experimentation.  I focus on forms in the landscape.

I also paint still-life and portraits, primarily from life.  I enjoy painting common objects, the people and settings around us, hoping to expand how they are perceived.
All my work strives to speak the language of art.  To speak it well and clearly is a goal.


Verse Envisioned.  Panza Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.  sponsored by Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  January 16 - February 27, 2016. Group show.

Digging Pitt Gallery

Three Rivers Arts Festival

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